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In Loving Memory of Erik Joseph Drylie

Erik Drylie Family
Thu, 04/27/2023

It is with great sadness and heavy hearts that we mourn the loss of our colleague and friend, Eleventh Circuit Assistant Solicitor Erik Drylie, who passed away on Sunday, April 23rd. We will miss him more than we can ever express.


Services will be conducted Saturday morning at 10 o’clock from Quest Church, with Pastor John Kenney officiating. The family will receive friends at Posey Funeral Home in North Augusta on Friday evening from 5:00 pm to 7:00 pm.


Erik, 39, was a devoted husband, father, son, brother, uncle, and friend. He was a tireless public servant and found his calling in his work to bring justice and protection to children in our community. His demeanor was friendly and easy going, always with a bright smile. He was a treasured friend to all who knew him.


“I remember being so excited when Erik decided to work for our office as an Assistant Solicitor,” recalls Eleventh Circuit Solicitor Rick Hubbard. “He had won everyone’s admiration when he worked for the Public Defender’s Office for his integrity and devotion to his clients. He brought this same sense of doing what is right to his role as a prosecutor. He was an exceptional attorney, but an even better person. Everyone mattered to him, regardless whether they were victims, defendants, or clients. Erik was one of those rare souls who followed the admonition of the prophet Micah to ‘do justice, love mercy, and walk humbly with thy God.’  All of us are better for having known and worked with him. Erik will be sorely missed.”


We’d also like to share some cherished memories of Erik from many of our fellow colleagues within the justice system:


As a prosecutor, Erik tirelessly sought justice for victims, while ensuring that violent and repeat offenders were held accountable for their criminal behaviors. He was a compassionate person, who believed that everyone could be better than their situation, and he was able to bring out the best in people. Erik embraced opportunities to give deserving first time offenders a chance to turn their lives around. Within the office, Erik loved to get everyone together at the August House on the Edgefield Town Square for some ole timey ice cream. He loved sampling a few flavors before ordering, but insisted everyone order before him. Erik inspired all of us to be better people…he will be missed. ---Doug Fender, Assistant Solicitor, Eleventh Circuit


We grew really close during Erik’s time in the Tri-Counties (Edgefield, McCormick and Saluda). When you’ve got four guys working in a room within arm’s reach for a week or two at a time, you can’t help but grow close!! Most of our greatest laughs came from making fun of each other. I have the fond memory of a wonderful friend who I’d grown incredibly close with during the time we shared. ---Brian Eckstrom, Assistant Solicitor, Eleventh Circuit


What I will remember most about Erik is his smile, his laughter, and his genuine and heartfelt concern for his victims. ---Karen Fulmer, Office Manager, Eleventh Circuit Solicitor’s Office


Erik was a friend and co-worker who was mild-mannered, but passionate about seeking justice. He was a “family-over-anything” type of guy, who has left a hole in the heart of the Tri-County office family. Erik’s dedication to his victims and their families didn’t go unnoticed. ----Perrin Bryan, Solicitor’s Office Victim Advocate


Erik was a genuine person, with no façade. He genuinely cared about people he served, whether as an Assistant Solicitor or Public Defender. He advocated tirelessly for those incapable of speaking for themselves, whether a victim or client. Erik would drop what he was doing to assist others, whether helping with translations or handling cases for others. He strived to be as fair as possible to all those involved in the dispensing of justice. Erik cared deeply for his family, and would often share stories about family adventures. Erik will be missed by all of us who were fortunate to know him and to work alongside him. ----Paul Taylor, Eleventh Circuit Solicitor’s Office Investigator


Erik was dedicated to serving his community, as he worked as an attorney for the public defender’s office, the children’s law center, and the solicitor’s office. He was a skilled lawyer who sought to do the right thing at all times. Erik treated everyone with kindness and fairness, and was well-respected in the local legal community. It was a joy to work with him, and I will miss his laughter and wisdom. He is gone too soon, but he reminds us to strive to lead meaningful lives and to give more than we take. ---Sarah Mauldin, Eleventh Circuit Public Defender


I had the privilege working alongside Erik in the Tri-County Public Defender’s office. I deeply admired him as a fellow attorney, person and friend. Erik always handled his work with a certain zeal and faithfulness. He was guided by a profound sense of justice and doing what was right. He possessed an internal compass that always directed him to seek what was right and true. I was proud to know, work alongside and call Erik a personal friend. His loss is our loss. Erik will be deeply missed and never forgotten. ----Bennett Casto, Esquire


After hiring Erik as an assistant public defender, he hit the ground running with little training. He was a natural. I had the pleasure of both trying cases with and against Erik. He was a consummate professional who not only had an exceptional legal mind, but he also possessed an uncanny ability to relate with all people. The more I got to know him, I realized Erik was an even better person who valued his community and desire to help others. He will be sorely missed by me and his friends, as well as his community. ----Rob Madsen, Eleventh Circuit Public Defender (Retired)


I was honored to have known Erik, both as a public defender and colleague with the Solicitor’s office. Whether together or on opposite sides of the aisle, it was apparent that he completely understood being a minister of justice and zealous representation of clients. Erik had a golden heart, who genuinely cared about helping others. His skills as an attorney were only surpassed by his compassion for and desire to help others. Erik loved Melinda, and his eyes sparkled when he spoke of Michael and Dixie!! We have lost so much with his untimely passing, but what we lost is far outweighed by what Erik gave us. He exemplified the best of humankind, and for that, we are forever blessed. ---Al Eargle, Chief Deputy Solicitor, Eleventh Circuit

Erik Joseph Drylie Family
Erik Joseph Drylie and family at Edgefield County Courthouse, Edgefield, S.C.


Erik Joseph Drylie Family
Erik Joseph Drylie and family at Edgefield County Courthouse, Edgefield, S.C.