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Pre-Trial Intervention (PTI)

Pre-Trial Intervention (PTI) is a diversion program created to divert first-time, non-violent offenders or offenders who do not have a significant criminal history from the traditional criminal justice system. PTI is a statutorily mandated program and therefore the oversight, direct supervision and control are under the prosecutorial discretion of the Circuit Solicitor. 


A person may be considered eligible for PTI:

  • if there is a greater likelihood that justice will be served outside of the traditional criminal justice system;
  • that both the needs of the offender and the state will be met through the participation of the offender in PTI;
  • the offender poses no threat to the community;
  • the offender is unlikely to be involved in further criminal activity;
  • the offender responds quickly to rehabilitative treatment;
  • the offender has no prior significant history of delinquency or criminal activity; and
  • the offender has not previously been accepted in a PTI program. 

A person's participation in a PTI program does not prevent them from participating in another diversion program. Prior to admittance in PTI the victim(s) and law enforcement personnel shall be notified and will be asked to comment in writing as to their recommendation of the offender being referred to PTI. Prior to the offender's completion of the program if restitution was determined the offender will be responsible to pay the amount indicated. When a person successfully completes the PTI program the Solicitor shall effect a noncriminal disposition of the charge. The person at that point may apply for an order to destroy all official records relating to the arrest. The PTI office will provide expungement information upon the successful completion of the program. If a person violates the conditions of the program, the person can be terminated and the charge will be returned to the originating court. 

Costs (All fees are non-refundable)

Application fee …......……….……............. $ 100.00

Participation fee...………………............... $ 250.00

Outside provider * .................................. TBD

Restitution to victim(s)............................ TBD

* In cases where the Solicitor contracts with another agency or program to achieve rehabilitation for a problem related to the charge, such as a drug test, the participant may be subject to additional fees payable to the provider for these services.

Acceptance and Participation Requirements

  • Pay all applicable fees (US Postal Money Order)
  • Provide arrest papers, picture I.D., and verification of Social Security Number
  • Update current address and phone number with PTI
  • Attend all scheduled monthly appointments
  • Attend counseling
  • Perform required community service hours
  • Submit to drug testing
  • Submit a written law report based on charge(s)
  • Pay restitution when applicable
  • Sign a forfeiture agreement for all weapon charges
  • Complete other requirements as directed by the Solicitor


*** Pre-Trial Intervention does not accept walk-in appointments. ***