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Traffic Education Program (TEP)

The Traffic Education Program (TEP) is a diversion program created to divert traffic related offenses punishable by a fine and loss of four points or less from the traditional court system. TEP is a statutorily mandated program and therefore the oversight, direct supervision, and control are under the prosecutorial discretion of the Circuit Solicitor. TEP includes community service work and an educational component. A person may be considered for eligibility if they do not have a significant history of traffic related violations. 

A person can only participate in a Solicitor's TEP once and this does not prevent the person from participating in another diversion program. When a person successfully completes TEP, the Solicitor effects a noncriminal disposition of the charge. The person at that point may apply for an expungement order to destroy all official records relating to the arrest. TEP will provide expungement information upon the successful completion of the program. If a person violates the conditions of the program, which would include receiving a subsequent traffic violation during the six months following the issuance of the ticket that led to participation in TEP, the person will be terminated from the program and the charge will be returned to the Magistrate Court or Municipal Court it originated in. 

Costs (All fees are non-refundable)

Application fee...………...……..……....… $140.00

Participation fee............……………....... $140.00

Outside education provider *................. TBD


* If the Solicitor contracts with an outside education provider for the participant to complete the program requirements, the participant has to pay the cost for that service. 


*** The Traffic Education Program does not accept walk-in appointments. ***