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West Columbia woman sentenced to 25 years in prison for Trafficking Methamphetamine

Lexington County Judicial Center
Fri, 03/17/2023

Victoria Coxe Threatt, a 54-year-old West Columbia woman, was convicted this week by a Lexington County jury of Trafficking Methamphetamine, Possession with intent to Distribute Marijuana, and Possession of Oxycodone. Chief Administrative Judge Walton J. McLeod, IV, presided over the trial and sentenced Threatt concurrently to twenty-five (25) years in the South Carolina Department of Corrections for trafficking methamphetamine, five (5) years for possession with intent to distribute marijuana, and five (5) years for possession of oxycodone. Under South Carolina law, trafficking methamphetamine is classified as a violent, serious, and “no parole” offense. Due to Threatt’s prior convictions and the amount of methamphetamine located, she was convicted of trafficking methamphetamine, 28 grams or more, but less than 100 grams, third or subsequent offense, which carries a mandatory minimum of twenty-five years and a maximum sentence of thirty years in prison.

This case was prosecuted by Assistant Solicitor Kelly Oppenheimer and Assistant Solicitor Player W. Long and investigated by the Lexington County Sheriff’s Department Narcotics Enforcement Team.

On May 8, 2022, exactly three months after Threatt pled guilty to distribution of methamphetamine and was sentenced to probation, probation officers with the South Carolina Department of Probation, Parole, and Pardon Services went to Threatt’s home in West Columbia for a routine home visit. After the agent knocked and announced, a male individual partially opened the door, blocking the view inside the home. The agent instructed the individual to open the door, and he complied.  After the door was opened, the agent immediately noticed Threatt sitting in a chair right inside of the doorway. As the home visit continued, the agent became suspicious that criminal activity was occurring so he asked to look inside of Threatt’s purse and her black bag, which were right next to her. The agent observed a large amount of cash and two tied-off plastic baggies containing a crystal-like substance later identified as methamphetamine.

The probation agent immediately called agents with the Lexington County Sheriff’s Department Narcotics Enforcement Team (NET) to take over the investigation. The NET team obtained a search warrant for the residence. During their search, they found seventy-four (74) grams of methamphetamine, six (6) grams of marijuana, eleven (11) oxycodone pills, three (3) digital scales, plastic baggies, and over four thousand dollars ($4,000) in cash. Threatt claimed ownership of all of the narcotics found in her home during an interview with NET agents. Threatt told NET agents she had purchased three (3) ounces of methamphetamine the day prior.

Threatt has multiple prior convictions for illicit narcotics, making this a third or subsequent offense. Threatt has been transported to the South Carolina Department of Corrections to begin serving her sentence.


Victoria Coxe Threatt - LCDC Booking Photo
Victoria Coxe Threatt
LCDC Booking Photo