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Senior Assistant Solicitor Todd Wagoner receives the 2021 Barry Barnette DUI Prosecutor of the Year Award

Photo of 11th Circuit Courthouses
Thu, 07/21/2022

Solicitor Rick Hubbard congratulates Todd for receiving this distinct honor last week. Solicitor Hubbard remarked that Todd embodies the definition of a true public servant based on his work ethic and dedication. Our office could not be more proud of Todd for his work in this area and his dedication to this office.

Todd has been a public servant since 2004 and has served victims in the 11th Judicial Circuit since 2011. Todd primarily handles the office’s felony DUI cases as well as our reckless vehicular homicide cases. He also assists with managing our plea court docket. Todd is a leader in our office and has been described as having a passionate heart for the work that he does.

Todd makes time to meet the families of victims and listens to their pain. The nominator for this award expressed that Todd puts just as much thought and passion into the opening statement of a plea as he does for a trial. Todd was further described as one who strives to place the judge and jury at the scene of these type of preventable crimes. Todd is a team player in our office, and he works well with law enforcement and other community partners to ensure that Justice is served in each of his cases.

Congratulations, Todd.

Photo of Barry Barnette DUI Prosecutor of the Year Award